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Datasheet: VIAFIREII (VIA Tech.)

Ieee 1394 Single Chip Solution


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V I A I E E E 1 3 9 4 C H I P S E T
The VIA Fire II is a complete IEEE1394 single chip solution for
high-speed seamless plug and play connection to the latest
IEEE 1394 enabled PC peripherals and consumer devices.
The IEEE 1394 high-speed serial bus is quickly becoming the standard for providing
enhanced PC connectivity to a wide range of peripherals and devices. In
addition to acting as a powerful connection to storage peripherals, other
PCs, and portable devices, IEEE 1394 especially has been adopted by the
consumer electronics industry and is expected to provide a volume,
plug and play-compatible expansion interface for the PC.
The VIA Fire II is a single chip, complete IEEE 1394 chipset solution
providing a high-speed seamless plug and play connection to the latest IEEE
1394 enabled PC peripherals and consumer devices such as HDDs, printers, stereos
and video cameras. With the integration of the Link Layer Controller and Physical Layer
(PHY), OEMs and motherboard manufacturers looking to add IEEE 1394 capabilities to
their product lineup find it both more cost-efficient and simpler to design the single
chip IEEE1394 solution onto a PCI adapter card or directly onto a motherboard.
The VIA Fire provides direct connectivity between the PCI and 1394 serial buses. With
three ports, the VIA Fire II is designed to provide scalability and manageability in IEEE
1394 network solutions for home networking and multiple PC access to a single
internet connection. Each individual port detects connected device types and automati-
cally configures data speeds to either 100, 200 or 400 Mbps, speeds well suited to
multi-streaming I/O requirements. A programmable PCI power management mode
(specification 1.1) shuts down power to unconnected ports while the sleep function
maximizes power efficiency of connected ports. VIA Fire II's feature set also is an ideal
for implementation into IEEE 1394 repeater hubs.
Full VIA and OHCI software driver support for the VIA Fire II has been built into
98 SE and Windows
IEEE 1394 Single Chip Solution
V I A I E E E 1 3 9 4 C H I P S E T
VIA Fire II VT6306
IEEE 1394-1394A compliant
OHCI compatible programming
Descriptor based isochronous
and asynchronous DMA
channels for receive and
transmit packets
100/200/400 Mbps data
transfer rates
PCI 2.1 interface
3.3V power supply with 5V
tolerant inputs
Three cable ports
Automatic configuration to
single-port, two-port and
three-port applications
w w w . v i a t e c h . c o m
VIA Technologies,Inc.
1045 Mission Ct.,
Fremont, CA 94539
tel: (510)683-3300
fax: (510)683-3301
Taiwan, ROC
8F, #533, Chung-cheng Rd.,
Hsin Tien, Taipei,
Taiwan, ROC
tel: (886-2)2218-5452
fax: (886-2)2218-5453
Provides a simple low cost intercon-
nect system for multimedia applica-
tions such as video cameras, VCRs,
stereos and PC peripherals.
High bandwidth capability allows
devices of varying speeds to operate
on the same network.
Universal plug-and-play capability
allows devices to be attached or
removed from the system, even with
the power on. No device driver
installation necessary as full software
driver support is included in Win-
98 SE and Windows
1394 does not utilize precious host
processor bandwidth as peripherals
communicate directly with each
other without burdening the host
Onboard logic performs bus
initialization and arbitration
Incoming data resynchronized to
local clock
CardBus Interface Support
Advanced power management
- Programmable power save
mode on unconnected ports
- Sleep mode maximizes
connected components power
Easily configured as a repeater
Integrated loop filter
Single 3.3V power supply
128-pin PQFP
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