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Datasheet: 013uStdCell (A-Data Technology)

0.13u Standard Cell


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A-Data Technology
CMOS 0.13
Data Sheet
Standard Cell
Flextronics Semiconductor's 0.13
Standard Cell product suite offer designers the best high-volume
solution for 3.3V performance, low power, and system cost. Applications benefiting from these features
are telecom, networking, portable datacom, and consumer applications. The product suite is well equipped
for design teams who intend to migrate from advanced FPGA to full system on chip ASIC as well as
system architects who need to prototype with an ASIC. Production is "all about results" utilizing
Flextronics manufacturing supply chain muscle to execute cycle-time and cost performance.
Deep sub-micron CMOS silicon utilizing a 0.09
effective gate length capable of up to 600 MHz
operation and 88M logic gates.
Low power 1.2 volt core operation with 0.01
W/gate/MHz power dissipation.
Dense, fast SRAM, and Multi-port Register File
compilers and instance options up to 1Mbit.
High Density fully diffused ROM compiler up to
Low noise 3.3 v /O library designed for minimum die
size / performance utilizing staggered, in-line, and
flip-chip configurations. Complete pad sets tested for
4000 volts ESD and 300 ma latchup.
Core Voltage
1.2 V
I/O Voltage
3.3 V operation
1P8M (220K gates/mm
Standard Cells
550+ cell engineered for optimum synthesis and high routability.
High Performance
Logic Cells
400+ high speed cells optimized for performance applications.
I/O Functions
400+ CMOS/TTL functions with multiple drive strengths (2 ma to 16 ma) 3.3 v
with built in level shifters.
Specific I/O
Clock driver, crystal oscillator, analog input, power, ground, and spacer cells for
SoC compatibility.
Single port SRAM compiler is a high density, high performance solution for
embedded applications. Six transistor borderless bit cells achieve reduced die area
while maintaining low tooling (mask) cost. The compilier maintains multi-bank
architecture with capacity up to 1 Mbit.
High density dual port SRAM compiler offers a high performance solution with
the highest density for embedded memory applications. Eight transistor bordered
bit cells achieve minimum die area while maintaining low tooling (mask) cost.
The compiler maintains multi-bank architecture with capacity up to 256 Kbit.
CMOS 0.13
Data Sheet
Features (continued)
Register compiled high performance two port memory solution for embedded
applications. Best solution for register files, buffer memories, fall-through FIFO,
palette RAM, and tag RAM. Capacity to compile very wide words up to 144 bits
for address matching and virtual address. Low overhead of decode-logic and
sense amplifiers minimize required die area.
Read Only Memory compiler is a high density, fully diffused ROM solution
targeted for embedded applications that require program store. The bit cells are
optimized to offer very high density and low power. Configurations up to 1 Mbit
are available. Metal programmable versions are also available on a custom basis.
Compiler based technology that allows system designers to choose the center
frequency, duty cycle, and create a customized PLL. Fully modular and
embedded in the I/O pad ring with no area overhead to the core eliminates
manual wiring of analog power supply or additional band-gaps / external
Sophisticated frequency synthesizer targeted for applications such as pixel (dot
clock) generation for use a s a video master and non-integer clock multiplication
for high-speed networking application. Cascaded PLL architecture for precision
and phase jitter stability. Fully modular and embedded in the I/O pad ring with no
area overhead to the core eliminates manual wiring of analog power supply or
additional band-gaps / external components.
Design Kit Support
EDA views
Verilog views with best case and worse case timing and power data
VHDL views with best case and worse case timing and power data
Synopsys views with best case and worse case timing and power data
Our design kits include a broad selection of embedded semiconductor intellectual property components
including standard cell logic, standard I/O, specialty I/O interfaces, memory, and PLL options. Please
contact us regarding your specific requirements.
CMOS 0.13
Data Sheet
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